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This widget shows the latest events, the latest announcements and the latest members in Index, DashBoard or SideBar in a carousel of photos that are happening with a text that slides in front of the photo. Every 5 seconds it advances automatically. Clicking on the photo you see at that moment, you can directly access the event, the announcement or the profile. Below it shows three push buttons to access the latest events, latest announcements or latest member sign-ups. The events have to have a photo to leave here, the ads a minimum of one photo and the new members, avatar photo. The events are collected from the 'Events' plugin The ads are collected from the "MemberAds" plugin If one of the plugins is not installed, it is skipped and does not show its pushbutton, so you can show only one of the three data sources, two or three. Use "user roles", so if for example a member is not authorized to see profiles, you will not see them here either. The results are shuffled to show mixed the three sources of data and that is more varied. The photos are not deformed, the width of the photos is shown full and the widget lengthens or shrinks as necessary to always show the buttons and the proportions of the photos. Like all widgets, you can move it to the part you want from your website as well as limit which roles you can see. Photos have a border of the same color as the role tag of the user who created the event, the ad, or the member if it is a member that is being displayed. If your website does not use roles or colors in the roles, the color of the border uses it of your theme. If there is nothing to show because there is no event, no new member and no announcement, the widget is automatically hidden. You can see it running on my demo website of my plugins, if you want to access it to publish something and see how it shows you have two test users: (free member) user: TestUser password: TestUser (premium member, paid) user: TestUserPremium password: TestUserPremium There it is with the title "DO NOT MISS IT" in Index (Main), not to be confused with the "RECENT ADVERTS" widget that is from the MemberAds plugin that is in DashBoard

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Plugin OxWall What Is New
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