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This plugin has two large sections. For members: * Date of registration and date of last connection * List of members with the same IP (do not see the IP, but who uses it) * Maintains a record of how many times you have accessed with each IP and the date of the last access with each one * List of accesses to the web of each member, how many times with each IP that you use * List of members that access each of the IPs that another member has used * List of friendship requests: sent, received, accepted and pending * List of blockages between members, made and received * List of visits to profiles made and received, number counter and date of last * Ignore visits to the same profile made in periods less than 10 minutes * Hide Admnin visits to members * List of private messages and chats with other members and their deletion, all gathered to quickly see all the conversations you have had with someone without having to search them in the giant list of all conversations with all * Widget in your profile with a smart summary to be seen by other members * Widget in DashBoard with the latest visits to your profile * Notifications about visits received * Add in Quick Links information of visits made and received To the administrator, it allows you to: * Define by roles who has access to basic and extended information * All sections can be displayed, hidden, allow users to decide or establish their visibility by user roles * See private conversations between members, you can also delete them * Log in as any member * Detailed analysis of each IP * Change the password to any member * Edit the profile of any member. * Discover your password ("brute Force" method) * Eliminate friendships between members * Remove blockages between members * Show or not warnings to members that they can not see a specific fact from others because they have hidden it from themselves * Show or not warnings that they can not see a data of others because they do not have the appropriate role. Everything is controlled from the buttons added to the profiles of the members.

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Plugin UserInfo Updated
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