It allows to publish magazines composed of issues and articles. With sections and labels. Spectacular presentation with texts about the images and effects when hovering over the mouse (even in NewsFeed). It does not use JavaScript, to be compatible with all plugins. 100% responsive (with 100% responsive themes) Compatible with PHP 5.x and 7.x Use user roles, comments, votes and is compatible with the mobile version of OxWall. The mobile version is especially light. It is easy to modify the presentation by editing the two CSS files (the mobile version has a much smaller own one) In User Roles you can define who can see, who can comment and who can be a contributor. The contributors have their own profile that can be with another nickname to hide their identity. Items can be saved as draft. The collaborators have a list of published articles and another one of drafts. You can create one or several magazines, or one in each language. Each magazine has a Director who can edit the articles, create copies, publish them, change the section or issue articles, create sections, edit them, order them ... Sections can be sorted to taste. Sections without articles are not shown. The labels are always displayed in order of the number of items that contain them. There are very detailed lists of articles, copies, magazines, sections to easily organize what is published. There are many very colorful widgets. There are two styles of publishing the news in NewsFeed, with detail of the text of the article and the smallest image or only with the image. In "settings" you can define if the photos are resized by altering the width x height ratio or if the proportions are preserved. All menus and buttons are shown only if you are authorized to use them. Proper management users who are moderators. It really is a very complete plugin that has cost many months of programming. It is still under development because it is in use on my website and I am constantly refining and adding features. The source code is clean and very well structured in case you want to modify it. Error free, it has been running on my commercial website for months. Not tested on Skadate, no money back or technical support on Skadate. You can try it with different themes in: Although there is only one magazine and only one issue with a few articles, you will see that it generates a lot of activity in NewsFeed.

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